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Irish people living in the UK have a lot to lose if the Britain leaves the EU. For security, for the economy, and for the freedom to live, travel and work in the UK, we are better off with the UK as part of Europe.

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Irish citizens living in the UK have a big say in whether Britain remains in the EU

Secure Your Freedom of Movement: Your ability to travel and work freely between Britain and Ireland is best secured by the status quo. It could in the future be restricted if the UK leaves the EU. Vote to keep Britain in Europe.

Defend Your Rights: Irish people currently enjoy a more favourable status than citizens of other EU countries who live in Britain.

Safeguard Your Future: The scale of the economic risk if the UK cuts itself off from the EU is unknown. That uncertainty could damage the British economy in which hundreds of thousands of Irish people live and work.

Protect Northern Ireland: Northern Ireland’s political and economic progress could be affected if the UK leaves the EU. Trade across the open border with the Republic could be put at risk.

How can they know what I don't know?

President McAleese on the impact of Brexit

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