Irish For Europe - Irish4Europe is a civic, non-party campaign highlighting key Irish concerns in relation to the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

What we stand for


Irish4Europe believes Article 50 negotiations must...

Keep The Border Open : Ireland’s North/South border will be the land border between the UK and the EU. Continued freedom of movement is essential for cross-border traffic and economic activity.

Protect The Good Friday Agreement : The 1998 Good Friday/Belfast Agreement underpins the Northern Ireland peace process. It is an international treaty written into the current EU framework. Its guarantees must be preserved after the UK leaves the EU.

Retain The Common Travel Area : Freedom of movement for British and Irish citizens between the two islands pre-dates both countries’ EU membership and must be retained after Brexit.

Guarantee Irish Rights : Irish citizens living in Britain enjoy a more favourable status than citizens of other EU countries currently resident in Britain. Their rights must be protected by the new UK-EU settlement.