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  1. What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server, or Dedicated Hosting Services, is a form of internet-based hosting that allows the user to lease out an entire server that he can use for his professional or commercial needs. This server is private to him and he may choose to not share it with anyone else unless authorised. Once the user buys a dedicated server, the host organisation will have no effective control over its operation, hardware or management. This is one of the main differences between a Dedicated and a Shared hosting service.

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  1. What are its Benefits?

This server is ideal for medium or large business models that are too widespread to use a VPS server. Some of the obvious benefits it offers are:

  • Provides you with full or almost full control of how to use your server and for what purposes, with minimal intervention.
  • The user can choose their own operating system of choice, as per business needs.
  • Large numbers of customers and clients can be entertained easily through the server.

  1. Where to buy it from?

To buy a dedicated server, you must explore all available options as the server will be more expensive than a VPN server. That does not there are no cheaper alternatives, because many international and domestic websites offer dedicated hosting services with discounts. The payments for the same can sometimes even be made in installations, which makes it a feasible purchase. The internet is replete with varieties of such services, so be careful before choosing a client and ensure that its safe, secure and trusted. Once that is done, the seller will help you establish a functioning network and acquaint you with how to make your own customisations to the system. A good server is just a click away if you look hard enough!

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