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Give Way To Your Darkest Fantasies By Being A Sissy Slave

In order to be a sissy slave to an ace Domme is less demanding said than done. You don’t need to simply stay there and look wonderful, you need to ensure you serve your Dominatrix appropriately with adoration and consideration. But given that you do your job with perfection, you’d get to wear the mistress’ rose panties! Be the perfect sissy slave and get many such intimate rewards.

Sissy training


Once you ace serve the mistress in the right fashion as a sissy slave, if you want you’d be married off to the people who desire sissies or you may be sent to the sissy island where you’d get to have the time of your life by living the life of your choice! Whether you want to relax or assist in the reformation of other people into sissies will be totally your choice.

All the perks and advantages that you can avail while you are on a sissy slave training:

  • You will live to get to live in the Sissy house. A Master or Mistress will manage and screen your conduct in the house.
  • A site and an online networking page will be made for you. A protector/driver will be in the area at whatever point you or another sissy is working a hazardous activity.
  • You will now have a week by week one-on-one instructional course with the lead mentor.
  • You will likewise have a week by week session with: an individual wellness mentor, a nutritionist, a beautician, a self-preservation coach, and a picture taker. Other conceivable classes will be shaft moving and yoga.

Thus, give way to your intrinsic carnal desires by serving as a sissy slave to a high profile mistress and never feel trapped by the limitations of your gender boundaries!

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