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How does one get an Emotional Support Letter?

Over one-fourth of the world is suffering from mental illnesses today. Mental illness can be of different forms – Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Disability, Mental Disabilities, etc. All these forms are unique in themselves and every subtype of these forms are unique again. No body’s depression can be compared to the others’. Since the brains work differently for different people, it is always difficult to understand someone’s cause for mental illness.

Emotional Support Animal


With the growing awareness, a lot of people have started to accept mental illnesses and have started to see therapists. Back in the days, in a lot of communities, mental illness was considered a shame. But, not anymore. Thanks to the facility of internet and people that are actually working, running marathons and doing everything in their power to raise the awareness of this sickness. A lot of celebrities and artists have also come out as depressed, unapologetically, with the growing awareness.

Based on a study made by Harvard students and professors, it was analyzed and understood that pets can be extremely comforting and can prevent mental problems. They can also reduce the depression and other emotional and mental disabilities drastically. The pets that are especially prescribed for this purpose are called Emotional Support Animals (ESA). It is advised to carry these pets wherever one goes. To carry them on planes, one needs a signed document, called Emotional Support Letter, from a mental health expert or a doctor.

How to get an Emotional Support Letter?

The following steps might help:

  1. Choose an agency
  2. Fill the online form
  3. Take the doctor’s review test and go for a sitting with the doctor
  4. Get the ESA passed.

There are a number of agencies out there that provide ESA certificates. These agencies make it easier for one to contact the top-notch mental health experts and to get the certification done. They can be found online and can be contacted through their websites.

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