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Quality repair services for a commercial Garage door

Dealing with a commercial garage door is very different from the residential garage door panels since they are very different in their construction. These are much longer and taller in height and need professional expertise and equipment such as power tools and overhead cranes. They are also available in different styles, unlike the residential garage doors. So if you are seeking services for a commercial garage door, look no further! Commercial garage door repair St. Paul can understand all your needs well. You can trust them for:

  • Their specially designed services for commercial doors
  • Expert technicians
  • Special tools
  • Professional equipment
  • Free onsite estimates


garage door spring repair st. paul


Common problems with commercial garage doors

Some of the most common problems that are associated with commercial garage doors are due to a problem in either of these parts:

  • Garage door cables
  • Garage door springs
  • Door tracks
  • Hinges and rollers

Another great advantage that you can enjoy when you choose the services of St. Paul garage door repair is that you get free onsite estimates. The experts of the company will help you to understand the basic cause of breakage and let you know an estimate of all the services that are required. This can help you have a clear idea of the problem and also in making a quick decision.

Even if there is no breakage or repair required, one can enjoy a routine service from the company. The expert technicians will visit your site soon after your call. They will service all the parts and check if any of it requires a replacement, repair or maintenance. The technicians visit the site with all the necessary tools and equipments and ensure that the job is done without any delay and with minimum waste of time.

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