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The Workday tutorial – an overview

This tutorial is about the features, basic functionalities and the offerings of the software of Workday. The Workday tutorial is looking forward to building a complete suite of the on-demand products which helps you in running your business.

Workday tutorial


The Workday offerings are as follows:

  • The payroll: it is coming up with a new payroll product that lets you group your employees, also it helps you in managing your payroll rules of calculation and pay employees according to their policy and reporting needs.
  • The Human capital Management: this section includes staffing, absence, benefits, performance, and development.
  • The workday benefit network: over 70 benefits providers are being delivered by pre-built integrations.
  • The financial management: it delivers the financial management processes which include reporting and financial accounting, resource management, customer accounts and cash management.

The workday applications run on memory entirely. The architecture of the workday consists of the following components:

  • There is an entry point for the end users
  • It is flash based
  • HTML for the mobile
  • There is a wide browser support that is provided
  • Export of the Pdf
  • iPhone
  • Export of excel


The Supervisory Organisation: in the Human Capital Management the supervisory organization is the primary structure, the workers are been grouped into a hierarchy. The positions created are only within the supervisory organization. In this Supervisory organization, the workers must be hired into the open positions.

The Workday tutorials facilitate changes to the supervisory organization. The changes will include the following:

  • Adding of a subordinate organization
  • Changing the superior in an organization
  • In the supervisory organization, the workers are allowed to move in or out
  • Division of an organization
  • Inactivation of an organization
  • It is not a process of the business

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