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Uses of cheap dedicated servers

What is meant by server?

Server is a program made for computers which helps in providing service to different computer programs. If we talk about data center, the programs related with server runs in a physical computer is apparently called as a server too.

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Types of server

Few important servers are:

  • FTP server: This server is used to move files. FTP stands for file transfer protocol

  • Email server: This server provides with the facility of sending as well as receiving on emails

  • Identity server: It helps in login process of the user and other security services with a proper authority

  • Web server: this server helps in determining pages while making the applications run by taking help from the web browser

Dedicated server

Dedicated servers are used by a many companies of web hosting which makes the use of computer inclusively. There are some dedicated servers which can perform single function but also there are many different implementations which can operate many functions by using single server only. Mainly all the websites available on internet were using this type of hosting server by making use of shared server.

With the help of shared server number of websites can assembled into single web server. Mostly all the servers share common assets of servers by using same connection.

So, if you’re looking for cheap dedicated servers for your company then must keep in mind that the server you’re planning to keep on lease should not be provided by any other party or third party or can say by a middle man in common. Because involving any middle man is a hectic work in resolving any problems related with the repairing or other issues. This may even cost a lot on your budget also which means you’ll be in loss of time as well as money.

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